Avaleht Liigu põhisisu juurde

Project objectives

  • Developing a curriculum and training materials for STEM-based entrepreneurship considering SEN-students' specific needs.
  • Training teachers to deliver trainings as a team: both STEM and entrepreneurship teachers are involved simultaneously.
  • Training SEN-students in STEM-based entrepreneurship, including the formation of joint cross-border STEM-based possible business ideas.
  • Raising awareness about STEM-based entrepreneurial possibilities, especially in the SEN context through reaching out to a wide range of stakeholders and network development.
  • Influencing a pro-entrepreneurial attitude in the society and among youngsters.

Expected results

  • Training 80 SEN-students, 20 teachers and 20 mentors.
  • 5 new joint SEN-student companies in the areas of STEM established and operational.
  • 7 business ideas implemented as “business simulations”.
  • 7 joint cross-border student companies.